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Family Homeopathy

Learn how to prescribe acute homeopathic remedies for your family, friends and pets, obtaining rapid results with inexpensive non-toxic remedies.

Learn how to make your own homeopathic remedies in difficult situations, such as epidemics and natural disasters, using available resources.


Nine Dewdrops

Varied, esoteric fantasy short stories, introducing, among others, the oriental, mystical detective van Binh with his unusual capacities and alternative point of view. Enjoyable, even informative, reading at any time.




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Introduction to Homeopathy

Become informed about the medicine of the future and learn about the history of homeopathy and its basic principles.

Learn how to treat family and friends when they become ill, for example, with a cold or the flu, are injured, suffer from epidemic diseases, cut themselves, eat too much or toxic food, etc.













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