Curso Web Introductorio de Homeopatía

Descripción del E-curso

(El Ecurso consta de 7 módulos - 27 unidades.)

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Historia - 3 unidades

You will learn some relevant medical history prior to the time of Hahnemann.

This is followed by details of how Hahnemann developed homeopathy, and the current extent of homeopathy in the world.

Teoría - 3 unidades

Basic homeopathic terminology is covered. The pillars on which homeopathy is based are discussed, as well as some basic disease concepts.

Remedios - 7 unidades

Homeopathic observation of symptoms and remedy sources are discussed. The homeopathic concept of potency and how remedies are made are described, as well as how to select the right potency.

How remedies are taken and stored is covered.

What can antidote the curative effect of remedies is described.

Casos - 4 unidades

Forty-two actual acute cases illustrating the use of certain homeopathic remedies are presented.

Enfermedades agudos - 5 unidades

You will learn how to take an acute flu case and prescribe the correct remedy.

You are given a number of measures to prevent the flu.

A new homeopathic development in curing AIDS is discussed.

Prevención - 4 unidades

The effects of vaccinations are discussed, as well as how homeopathic remedies have been used in the past to immunize against epidemic disease.

What you can do to immunize yourself if you have to travel to a disease-ridden country is presented.

Effective homeopathic immunization for your children is described in detail with immunization schedules.

Libros - 1 unidad

A list of recommended books is given from which you can learn more about homeopathy.

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